Floral Style Jug | 100% hand made & hand painted ceramic

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This vase is hand made on the potter’s wheel and hand painted by Vassilis Politakis.
Original ancient piece is currently stored in the Heraklion Archeological Musem.
Dating: 1500BC
Region of origin: Phaestos, Crete, Greece
Ancient use: Tableware
Decoration: Floral style, branches of olive tree or reeds (perhaps something in between)
Possible symbolism: The decoration of this pot is probably the most difficult to reproduce, as it combines free and natural movement with the concetration to create absolutely delicate, clear and accurate designs

Size: Height: 21cm, Width: 13cm, Length: 13cm
Weight: 513g



Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 21 cm